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Aphex Twin – CIRKLON3

Aphex Twin released his first new music video in 17 years, an eight-minute clip representing his new song “CIRKLON3 [ Колхозная mix ].” It’s cut from his upcoming EP Cheetah, which was released in full on July 8th, and it’s the latest chapter in a late-career renaissance you can track back to the release of his masterful 2014 full-length Syro. It’s a glitched-out clip populated by dancing children, guests in Richard D. James masks, and a walk-in closet worth of Aphex Twin T-shirts.

The video was directed by Ryan Wyer, a 12-year-old Irish preteen James discovered through his YouTube channel. Wyer’s epic1:40d Gaming contains plenty of standard gameplay videos and jump scares, but it’s also studded with a few homemade Aphex Twin videos and wacky homages featuring animated characters like Peppa Pig. I have no idea how James discovered Wyer’s work — most of his videos have less than 100 views — but he liked them enough to commission an official video, and it’s hard to imagine a higher compliment.