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Serge Gainsbourg – Melody

Jamaica and Roma and paper tigers

In 1971 Serge released the ephebophilia themed French concept album, Histoire de Melody Nelson. The theme of the album explores an affair between Gainsbourg and nymphet Melody Nelson. The song “Melody” reveals that they met after Gainsbourg accidentally knocked Melody off her bike with his Rolls Royce. As Gainsbourg exited his ‘Silver Ghost from the nineteen hundreds’ he noticed ‘Her skirt pulled over her white Knickers.’

Django Django – Reflections

First single from second Album, and this is what The Guardian had to say of it:

“Born Under Saturn, the resulting second album, seems likely to be a more confident, finely honed effort than its brilliant but ramshackle predecessor. All the familiar elements – electronic grooves, surf guitar, spare percussion – are there, and house and reggae grooves joyously co-exist with echoes of the Beach Boys and early Pink Floyd, but everything sounds turned up another notch.”

Might I add that a good remix from, say, Fourtet, would make this a very good club groove…