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LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out

Back when Ladies actually Loved Cool James


The rise of MDMA in rap lyrics was a funny development—it’s been delightful and silly to hear the most masculine of artists boast about gobbling up a drug whose primary effects include heightened emotional sensitivity and giggling fits. It’s only appropriate, then, that the official molly send-off comes courtesy of the year’s most celebrated rap outsider, a touchy-feely type whose natural state seems like it could be characterized by… well, heightened emotional sensitivity and giggling fits (and a mannequin head ripped from the hair salon where he used to work). “I Don’t Sell Molly No More” sums up iLoveMakonnen’s appeal in a neat little bundle: the Sonny Digital-supplied UFO beat, the simple swag-rap bounce, the whispery and accidental-sounding vocal modulations, the #Based, sing-songy drama-nerdiness—all executed with the flip confidence of a kid happy to poke some fun at the bandwagon-jumping of his molly-popping elders. And like clockwork, Wiz Khalifa and Gucci Mane pulled up to the remix like a couple of bodybuilders in a yoga class, there to help Makonnen wave goodbye to an era. —Carrie Battan

Oddisee – Paralyzed

Odd Renditions

[Hook: Justin Vernon]
Everything that happens is from now on
This is pouring rain
This is paralyzed

[Verse 1: Oddisee]
When the hairs in the back of my neck are raised up
And my heart is pumping
Means it’s the start of something
Same Feeling when you come across what you’re afraid of
Made up my mind, I’m jumping
Reaching for the sky, I’m trying to blow up
But if I ever fail and I start to fall in
I hope I don’t land on a mine or something
Hope I don’t miss my calling
Passion, Gotta have for whatever involved in
Half ass’n nine out of ten results in
Crashing, ya drive, pump breaks ya halting
But I gotta keeps it going
No time to stop, I’m a beast, I’m all in
I make hot beats, and I keep recording
Those who got beef I keep ignoring
As I keep exploring
Not a corner of the Earth, ain’t psyched to see
Been in a lot of places, rumors of racists
But I can’t lie, they was nice to me
dress real smart, clothes make the man
So You noticed than I don’t miss my mark
I’m always on point, I’m always so sharp
When you focus, man
You know to play parts
Positions and such or you’ll end up stuck in ditches and such
A Rut you can’t get out
Game you gotta sit out
I know it’s got to suck when much is in clutch
And you just can’t grasp it
Monumental, the tribulation the task is
Trial and Error
Life is
Outlast it

Chorus: Justin Vernon
Everything that happens is from now on
This is pouring rain
This is paralyzed